Tired of RRPs and Want Something New?

Support Diapering WAHMs! Buy Patterns! You can never have too many diaper patterns after all.

Darling Diapers Patterns:
http://www.darlingdiapers.com/ (LOVE these patterns!)
FattyCakes Diaper pattern: $5, super cute diaper, ask about it over at Diaper Sewing Divas http://diaperdivas.proboards57.com/index.cgi
Kayla's Cloth Kits: She has a One-Size aplix diaper that looks great, plus tons of other wonderful stuff http://hyenacart.com/kaylasclothkits/
DiaperKit: Diaper kits, great prices and they look really cute, great reviews, http://www.diaperkit.com/catalog/
Little Comet Tails: diaper, pants and soaker patterns, they are pretty new and I have heard great things about them http://hyenacart.com/LittleCometTails/index.php?c=9
Mile High Monkeys: Love the soaker and pants patterns, http://milehighmonkeys.com/shopping.aspx
Dandelion Dreamers: Crochet and knit diaper covers/soakers/pants/etc. Great especially for night! I have many Dandelion Dreamer soakers and I love them.

If you know of any you want to share, please email me and I will post links!