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Welcome to the RRP (Rita's Rump Pocket) Diaper Site! You have found the home of the free RRP (Rita's Rump Pocket) diaper and cover patterns. The RRP diaper is a one-size pocket diaper that does not need closures (you can pin, snappi or lay it in a cover) and can be made completely from recycled fabrics like sheets or fabrics from your local Walmart or fabric store. The Rita's Rump Cover pattern makes a one-size aplix closure trim diaper cover.

All of the diaper patterns and adaptions are created by me and are free to download. You can also sell diapers made from these patterns. You can access all of the diaper patterns/adaptions on the top menu bar.

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I am a work-at-home, homeschooling Mom to two boys (Duke is 16 and Imp is 14) in Texas. If you love using my free RRP patterns and/or adaptions and would like to make a donation to Rita, the self-professed photo-editing photography diaper-sewing geek, please follow this link! Thank you so much for your generosity and thank you for visiting my blog!!!