RRP Adaption 1001, Contour or "Mini" Diapers

A nice woman from the Diaper Sewing Diva Message Board  emailed me the other day and made a great suggestion about a RRP contour diaper. A contour or "mini" diaper is basically a diaper without wings or closures, but does have leg elastic to contain messes. You just lay these diapers into a diaper cover that closes with aplix or snaps (not a pull-up cover) and then put it on your baby. Easy enough even for babysitters!

If you don't want to pin your RRPs, just fold down the front and back wings toward the back of the diaper , and then place it into a wrap cover (like a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap or Rita's Rump Cover) and put it on your baby. Or place the diaper with wings extended into your cover, place baby on top, wrap the RRP wings around like you are going to pin it on baby, and close the cover. If the cover fits well it should not slip at all. The RRP works better than a trifolded PF because it has leg elastic, can be stuffed as much as you want, is made of cute fabric, and is reversible.

You can also adapt the RRP classic pattern by sewing them without front and back wings.

Great suggestion! Please keep them coming.